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Meet the Nolen's!

Hello, my name is Timothy Nolen and my dream has come to fruition and it all began with my mom and dad. Both excellent cooks. I remember mom would go to the homes of young moms to teach them how to create meals out of what they had. Dad would go into our kitchen using large pots and created absolutely delicious meals. When asked what is was, he’d say, “call it what you want”. His signature dish until this day is called “Coney Roni”. I’ve mastered that dish and still serve it until this day. Dad’s was still the best!


Following in mom’s footsteps, I traveled and sold dinners throughout the Twin Cities salons, barber schools and shops- in which they were a large part of our clientele and where and why Rollin Nolen’s evolved. My wife, Anita who was inspired by the popular program “meals on wheels” came up with the name due to the delivery of dinners and not to mention the fact that it rhymes, it made it all official and Rollin’ Nolen’s BBQ was created.


We’ve had a couple of name adjustments/changes since the “first beginning”, but we’re proud to say we’re operating under the O.G Rollin’ Nolen’s BBQ.


I built our first food trailer (after all that dinner delivery) out of a car hauler that we purchased years before. We want to thank our son T.J & his wife Brittani for aiding in our getting not only the first piece but the largest piece of equipment to go on that trailer. My wife called it “Big Bubba”. It’s a beast of a smoker, it holds up to 3 large or 5 small hogs. We pulled the car hauler to Sikeston, MO to obtain the custom made smoker.


We ran this trailer first which led to my need to design and have our second/current food trailer built. We want to also thank our kids—Terrance, Jessika, Trevaur & Timeika, our granddaughter Emily, niece Candy and any other family members and friends who’ve helped us in any way along this legacy making/food journey that Nita and I are on.


We look forward to continually serving you great food and customer service!

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